REBELLED Premium LED lights is the A-team of LED lights. We are serious truck enthusiasts who saw an opening for better quality, more affordable LED lights and we filled that void with the brightest, toughest, longest-lasting LED lights available.

What makes REBELLED better than the rest?
Our lights are the best on the market, without the doubled or tripled price tag. We believe we offer the most exceptional and affordable LEDs you’ll find; we stand by our products so firmly that we offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Where can I buy REBELLED products?
You can buy REBELLED products on our website and through authorized REBELLED dealers.

How do I become a REBELLED dealer?
To become an authorized REBELLED dealer, fill out our dealer application form.

How do I get sponsored by REBELLED?
Visit our website and fill out our contact form to apply for a REBELLED sponsorship.

What is the warranty on REBELLED products?
REBELLED offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. See our warranty policy for the details.

What is the REBELLED Return Policy?
The REBELLED return policy covers returns made within up to 30 days of purchase.

How durable are REBELLED products?
REBELLED sells only the most durable, long-lasting products. Our LED lights are designed for off-road use only and we recommend checking with your local and state laws prior to installing and using. If you feel you have received a defective product, contact us about a return/repair or refund.

How can I mount my REBELLED products?
Visit our how-to blog here to learn everything you need to know about mounting and LED light installation.

What does beam pattern mean?
The term beam pattern refers to the angle at which the bulbs in an LED light bar cast their light. Spot beams are much narrower in angle and throw a beam a much farther distance, while flood beams provide more light on the sides but are less penetrating. Your choice is dependent upon your intended purpose. Generally, spot beams are better for driving at a higher-speed while flood beams are better for slower speed. Alternatively, you could choose to go with a light bar that is equipped with a combination of spot and flood LEDs - a highly popular choice.

What do IPS67, IPS68 and IP69K stand for?
These numbers refer to how sturdy an electrical device is. IP67 means that a device can be submerged in a meter of water for half an hour, IP68 guarantees protection for a half an hour in up to 30 meters of water, and IP69K refers to a the resistance of a device against high pressure, high temperature water, steam and dust.

We're proud to say that REBELLED products are IP69K rated.

What is a Cree LED?
Cree LEDs are made in the U.S. and look more natural while using significantly less energy than other lights, such as incandescents or CFLs.

What does US MIL-810-STD mean?
US MIL-810-STD is the United States Military Standard for testing the environmental design of a product and evaluating that equipment’s performance, life span & more. All REBELLED products adhere to US MIL-810-STD.

Watts Vs. Lumens: What’s the difference?
While watts have long been the standard way to measure the brightness of lightbulbs, they only measure how much power a bulb consumes. With more energy friendly options such as LEDs available now, these measurements aren’t fully relevant. These measurements are now conveyed through lumens, which instead measure the amount of light produced; the higher the amount of lumens, the brighter the light.

Do you provide a discount for members of the military and emergency services?
Yes - at REBELLED we proudly support our military and emergency services, and offer a 15% discount off all products to all active, reserve, retired and veteran members of the United States Military. This discount also applies to emergency services members including police, fire, search and rescue, and EMS.

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